Burning Documents During An Active Court Case
Lawyers Selecting What To Burn!
Orange, Texas

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

Julie Schimmel, former employee of Nelda C and H J Lutcher Stark Foundation “...I don't think I told him anything that matters.

Stark Foundation donates
12 Minerva Teichert Murals
to BYU Museum,
said Walter G Riedel III CEO.
(purpose of museum???)

Nita Hill Stark’s minerals transferred to Eunice Benckenstein by Nelda Stark. Not listed in Nita Hill Stark Estate in 1939.

Clyde V. Mckee Jr (1966) A question has arisen regarding the effect of the forced heirship laws in Louisiana and specifically what interest, if any, the two sons might have in the Louisiana real property.

H J Lutcher Stark purchased extensive holdings in Cameron Parish in 1918. Sabine Wildlife Refuge sold in 1936, but not the mineral interests. Sold the Orange Cameron Land Company in 1956 to John Mecom. Not listed in Nita Hill Stark estate in 1939. At time of her death, the only Louisiana property listed in her Estate was 1000 acres in Johnson Bayou, Cameron Parish. He sold this to E W Brown, Jr in 1941....(Must have overlooked the Joyce Tract, 160,000 acres in Louisiana purchased in 1918 for $1.75 per acre?????)

Assumption Parish, Louisiana. Acquired in 1936 by H J L Stark. Not shown in Nita Hill Stark Estate in 1939, but still owned by H J L Stark in 1949. ??Fiduciary Duty??Forced Heirship??

Forced Heirship (1972) Clyde McKee “...value of H J L Stark Louisiana property at time of death was $40,950.00.” In 1970, Lutcher & Moore Louisiana Lands sold for $140,000,000.00 to Boise Southern, NO TITLE SEARCH.

"A Sleeping Dog" by Gerrit Dou, was purchased by Mrs. H J Lutcher Stark (Mrs. Nita Hill Stark) December 7, 1927. On May 25, 2005 "Christie's" sold this at auction for $4.72 million for the Nelda C and H J Lutcher Stark Foundation. Nita Hill Stark died in 1939, sole beneficiaries of her estate were twin sons Homer and Bill Stark. Not listed in Nita Hill Stark Estate in 1939.


Gymnasium, Band Practice, 1938
"McMullin- Guide" by Dunton
Not listed in Nita Hill Stark in 1939

H. J. L. Stark, 1938 "I am purchasing these pictures for the Stark Collections. Please pay the $7250.00 by check on the W H Stark Estate"

In 1927, Mr. and Mrs. H J Lutcher Stark (Nita Hill Stark) spent several months touring and collecting in the Middle East and Europe. Nelda Stark sold this collection in 1986 to the San Antonio Museum of Art. Not listed in Nita Hill Stark Estate in 1939.

Homer H Stark was given this 1923 Ford Model "T" Truck by his parents, Nita Hill & H J Lutcher Stark at their Colorado Ranch in 1936. After WWII, Lutcher Stark offered to transport the Roadster "truck" and hupmobile to Orange for his son Homer and store it for him. When Lutcher Stark died in 1965, his third wife, Nelda C Stark offered to do the same. After Nelda's death in 1999, the Stark Foundation said they don't have Homer's truck, only this 1923 Ford "roadster".

"Silence is Golden"--only in Orange,Texas can a file clerk go from $34,000/yr to $94,000/yr; or a chauffeur $30,000/yr to $120,000/yr

Community Property now Separate?

Wier Long Leaf Lumber Company Stock Certificates--"this stock should be transferred to the two sons"-The Provident Savings Bank and Trust Company Cincinnati, Ohio May 8, 1946.

H J Lutcher Stark buys property in Newton and other Counties from his Grandmother, Mrs. H J Lutcher June 30, 1919 ..... not listed in Nita Hill Stark's estate.

H J Lutcher Stark puts Judge "on the payroll.”

Judge revises deed for H L Lutcher Stark "consumation of the deal"

Mothers' "Wishes," by H J Lutcher Stark

Joyce Tract transfer--"a tax free distribution"...Mr McDonough and I had in mind that Mr Stark could possibly turn in stock for the purchase price. Since the company would obviously make a profit we had in mind declaring a $1,000,000.00 dividend and practically all the stock would again be owned by Mr Stark.

Orange Cameron Land Company "one rat hide per acre"

S H Phillips, Nelda C and H J Lutcher Stark Foundation "Enclosed is a copy of a file that Clyde had in possession....None of these items have been previously photocopied ..."

Mrs. Nita’s Linens--As you know, Mrs. Lutcher Stark (Nita Hill Stark) inherited quite a collection of laces and linens from Mr. Stark’s Mother, Mrs. W H Stark in 1936.

H J Lutcher Stark died in 1965. The beneficiary of his life insurance policy was his first wife Nita Hill Stark, who died in 1939, thus making the legatees of her estate the sole beneficiaries (twin sons, Homer and Bill Stark). Twenty-six years later, Clyde V McKee writes to the insurance company and changed the policy beneficiary to Nelda C Stark.

H J Lutcher Stark married Nita Hill of Austin, Texas in 1911. Her father, Dr. Homer Hill, served as the Texas Longhorn team doctor for 30 years until his death in 1923. Nita Hill Stark died in 1939, sole beneficiaries were 16 year old sons, Homer and Bill. Her wedding album was finally given to Homer in 2004, when he was 80 years old. She noted this hupmobile was given to her in 1910 as an engagement present by Lutcher. Not listed in Nita Hill Stark Estate.

Judge Hahn calls Nelda C Stark Judge calls Nelda Stark(litigant) during active case. Is this considered illegal, unethical or none of the above?

Judge F Lee Duggan is appointed to hear a case where one of the litigants in that case (Clyde Mckee) is the Father of a former associate attorney in his court (Wanda Mckee Fowler). Should Judge F Lee Duggan have stepped aside and recuse himself or continue on and hear the case, as he did?

Judge F Lee Duggan (Sugarland, Texas) grants summary judgement in favor of Nelda C Stark, ET AL. The W H Stark Family must pay attorney fees of Nelda C Stark, ET AL of over $600,000. A former associate in Judge Duggan’s court (Judge Wanda McKee Fowler) is the daughter of Nelda's attorney Clyde McKee (50+ yr employee of Nelda Stark). Now, Clyde's son, Clyde V. McKee, III, is the Treasurer, CFO of the Nelda C and H J Lutcher Stark Foundation.

Newton County clerk pulls notarized file from the public record, changes it, then "put it back." Would this be considered illegal? Is that altered document now null and void? (Camp Bill Stark Sale)

Foundation publicity states..Lutcher and Nelda would be pleased... with the current Shangri La project is just the opposite of the truth. If either could arise from the grave, all involved would be terminated for these actions. Nature should be appreciated and enjoyed, not developed! Money could have been spent on scholarships, not digging holes to throw money in.....Plus, WOCISD pays the Stark Foundation $40000 for providing this educational experience "for the kids."

Nelda Stark wanted to change her will shortly before she died in 1999. Walter G Riedel III said she looked at her will, pointed to Roy Wingate's name and said, "I do not want him to be an executor of my will." This was not done Mr Riedel said "because of her health, we needed to stick to the will that we had" and they did not want to hurt Roy's feelings. Walter G Riedel III stated he "did not interpret this to mean Mrs Stark wanted to change her will." Because of the timing, being so close to her death, "they did not want to jeopardize the other will." However, shortly before her death the executors allowed Nelda Stark to sign a document granting Eunice Benckenstein her full power of attorney. Nelda Stark died December 13, 1999, her executors were Eunice Benckenstein, Walter G Riedel III, and Roy Wingate