Burning Documents During An Active Court Case
Lawyers Selecting What To Burn!
Orange, Texas

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

Judge Buddie J Hahn Disclosure----May 15, 1990
This refers to a 1988 lawsuit with Hahn as Judge. On April 24 , 1990, Hahn removes Nelda Stark from the lawsuit. TWENTY DAYS later, May 15, 1990, Hahn files his disclosure and seals it "for the record."

Rebecca Nugent Affidavit----2001
Judge Hahn calls Nelda Stark at her home on a weekend in the Spring of 1990 while the Stark Lawsuit is still ongoing in his court.

Larry Hunter Affidavit----January 3, 2001
Mr Hunter says he does not rent property from Judge Hahn and that Hahn's disclosure speaks for itself, "he pays rent of $400 per month."

John Cash Smith Affidavit----January 10, 2001
Several trips to Mississippi and Colorado(4),Judge Hahn and Smith didn't vacation together, just participated in several "organized golf excursions."

Jim Henderson Sworn Statement----March 24, 2000
" was his(Mr. Stark's) memory after she(Nelda) gave him the medication? He didn't hardly know anything...."

Clayton Newberry Sworn Statement----September 25, 2000
"...information in the briefcase was information she did not want the other Starkheirs to obtain.....Mrs. Benckenstein also carrying that briefcase from the....out from the office..."

S H Phillips Letter to Lou L Bagwell---November 21, 1988
Clyde McKee had in his possession items that had not been previously photocopied by Pandick Technologies in 1988 lawsuit. (Phillips and Mckee, officers of Stark Foundation-see Newberry)

Lou L Bagwell Letter to Clyde McKee---November 29, 1988
“Sid Phillips recently sent me a file which you have apparently maintained relating to the Mecom Transaction. I have reviewed the file with much interest, and it certainly contains a lot of valuable information.”

Clyde McKee's Reply to Lou L Bagwell---December 1, 1988
“I think it would be most helpful if you could arrange a trip over so that we could survey the files we have and reach a clear understanding as to what additional files should be ‘copied and stamped.’”

Sam O Smith Affidavit----August 15, 2001
"....There were numerous instances of conveyances of large quantities of real estate and timber between the entity(Lutcher and Moore Lumber Company) and the individual owners and from those owners to the entity....


John Creswell Sworn Statement(50 yr employee of Nelda Stark)-November 7, 2001Documents "that were not copied, yes, we burned quite a few of those."Attorneys Roy Wingate and Kevin Jordan were aware...

Charles Kinney Affidavit----November 12, 2001
"...I have knowledge that the Stark Foundation Officers would rotate information from Sid Phillips' house to Clyde Mckee's house so the documents would not beleft at anybody's house for any length of time....."

Sam O Smith Affidavit----November 28, 2001
" is clear that H J Lutcher Stark had very little "separate" income from the 86,000 acres referred to herein during the term of their marriage."(1911-1939, Nita Hill)

John Creswell Affidavit----November 30, 2001
“...Mr. Kevin Jordan "acknowledged he was aware of other witnesses to the burning of the documents during the previous litigation between Nelda Stark, the Stark Foundation and the Stark heirs...."

Rebecca Nugent Affidavit----May, 2003
"The release furnished by Mr not the release signed by Homer Stark and his family in February, 1991."

Louis Bagwell Affidavit----July, 2003
“Mr Gallagher proposed splitting the settlement with the William Stark Heirs ... signing a separate release. Mr. Gallagher explained that he believed he would eventually get the Homer Stark Heirs to agree, but it would take more time...the client agreed and BB prepared new release papers...” (The release I signed was not the same as the one the William Stark Heirs signed---H J Lutcher Stark II)

Rebecca Nugent Affidavit----July, 2003
" was interesting to note that Mr Bagwell's comments regarding the November 1990 hearing in Orange County do not include Ralph Carrigan's statements regarding their role as advisor to Homer H Stark both before and after Mr. Stark's children joined the lawsuit........" This hearing was in Judge Hahn's Court. Nelda Stark, as CEO of the Stark Foundation, was still a party to this lawsuit(see Rebecca Nugent affidavit 2001).