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Orange, Texas

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(letter from John B Scofield to Clyde McKee, attorney for Nelda Stark, executor of H J L Stark Will). H J L Stark died in 1965.

“Also, we will have to account for the Louisiana doctrine of forced heirship. This doctrine, as you may know, provides that the children of a decedent are forced heirs to a portion of his property regardless of any dispositions that may have been made by will or even by inter vivos gift.

Assuming that Mr. Stark had two children, Homer and William, Louisiana law would provide that these children are forced heirs for one-half of his estate. See Louisiana Civil Code Article 1505.

It is my opinion, therefore, that in spite of any satisfaction that the forced heirs may have obtained through the Texas properties, they still have a claim in the Louisiana properties for their forced portion, regardless of the will.”